Sunday, April 9, 2017

Book Talk: Flight Before Dawn

Title Flight Before Dawn
Author Megan Easley-Walsh
Pages 366 Pages
Intended Target Audience Adult
Genre Literary Fiction/Historical Fiction
Published By Pronoun (Macmillan) 2016
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The blurb from Goodreads:

 Before there was D-Day...

For over two years, she's watched him.
Now he's on her doorstep.
This is life in the Resistance.

In Normandy in 1943, Victoire leads a band of the Resistance. When Leal, the man she's had watched for over two years, arrives at her doorstep, she'll have to face new challenges in war and in love.

I love a good WWII book! Even though a book that takes place during the French Resistance may sound a little uninteresting, this one was not that at all. The author manages to successfully intertwine fact with fiction, and I often found myself feeling apprehensive about what was going to happen next to the cast of characters!

The story centers around Victoire, Leal, Rainier and Voleta just before the liberation of France during WWII. (I love the fact that Victoire is the Resistance leader and not one of the men!) It is an excellent narrative that allows the reader to know what each character is thinking and feeling as they navigate the fears and uncertainty of war.

If you also like to read books that take place during WWII, I can easily recommend this one!

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