Monday, December 26, 2016

2017 Goodreads Challenge



I am a Goodreads junkie. I can spend far too many hours reading fellow book lover's recommendations, wish lists and reviews. One of the fun things I like to participate in is a good reading challenge! In 2017,  I will be trying to complete a challenge called the Author Alphabet Reading Challenge. I am a member of the group called Nothing But Reading Challenges , and they are hosting this one. Here is the low down: you read the alphabet from A to Z using an author's first and/or last name. You can use an author twice, once with their first name, and again with their last, but it gets pretty challenging on the hard letters such as x and z!  If you would like to participate, please come on over and just jump right in. I'll be updating my progress throughout the year, and I'd love to see if you can complete it as well!

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