Thursday, February 18, 2016

Watch the trailer for THE SIREN by Kiera Cass!

The trailer for THE SIREN by Kiera Cass is on YouTube, and I watched it for the first time last night. I am finding that this approach to book promotions is very effective on me! This particular video seriously makes me want to read this book. The ocean, the atmosphere, the romance.... Take a look!

Also on YouTube, Kiera Cass discusses The Siren. According to Epic Reads  this is what the book is all about:  "An updated take on real mythology, The Siren is a love story between Kahlen, a girl whose captivating voice is deadly to any human who hears it, and the boy who’s everything she’s ever dreamed of – only he’s human."


This sounds amazing, and I can't wait to read it! I enjoyed The Selection series from this author, although the reviews are sharply divided. People either loved it or hated it. It is going to be interesting to see the reviews on this new book. Tell me your thoughts on these trailers. I want to hear from you guys!   Amy

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  1. Yes, reviews are mixed on The Selection series. But it's one of my fave series. I'm truly disappointed it was never made into a TV show. I read the script for the pilot online and it made me cringe. It was awful! Anyway, I'm looking forward Siren. I like this trailer too. Very haunting!