Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's Talk Read-a-Thons FEBRUARY 2016

I am super stoked to be doing some fun read-a-longs this year with some great folks! There are several that I'm hoping to do in 2016, but the first one on my list is for February, and it is called Rainbowthon 2.0It will be hosted by these ladies: (Lainey, Riley, Jillian & Kayla)

 The Rules:
-Chose 6 books that represent the color of the rainbow
*You can double up on up to two books that have two different colors on the spine, so have a total stack of 4 books
- Choose 4 - 6 books that represents one color from the rainbow.
If this sounds at all confusing, just click on the link above to see Lainey's video explaining it all in detail!

So let's get to my TBR for the Read-a-Thon shall we? I am choosing to read 4 books that represent the color red!

I'm excited for it to begin! If you would like to join in, just follow one or all of these ladies on Twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #rainbowthon. Also, let me know which books you choose if you do join in!   ~Amy

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