Thursday, February 25, 2016

Film: THE INHERITANCE by Louisa May Alcott

This beautiful, wonderful film is available to watch, in it's entirety, on YouTube! The quality is remarkable considering most movies on YouTube are subpar. I accidently stumbled upon it today while digging around in the rabbit hole that is YouTube. I have never even heard of this movie, or the book, so imagine my delight when I watched it for the first time! It was splendid!

Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott (who’s more popular work is, of course, Little Women), this adaptive story is a little different from the book, as most movie adaptations are. But this sort of film is right up my alley! I adore romantic period films, with their elegance, charm, and sense of beauty. Here is a description of the film from IMDb:

At the lush Evenswood estate in Concord, Massachusetts, Edith Adelon, a beautiful orphan, lives as the paid companion to the daughter of the wealthy Hamilton family, although they regard her as one of their own. Years ago, Henry Hamilton saved Edith from an Italian orphanage at the request of his long-deceased brother. Now, Edith is his daughter Amy's prized friend and confidante. As the Hamiltons await a trio of visitors for the annual Greens Cup horse race, Beatrice Hamilton asks for Edith's help in finding a suitable husband for a cousin, Ida Glenshaw, with one of two visiting eligible bachelors. But when it becomes clear that both the young men have affection for Edith and not Ida, jealousy soon develops, leading to malicious conniving and brutal backstabbing.

I hope you will give this a watch, and I am so eager to hear what you think. Let me know!!   ~Amy

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