Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Book That Caught My Eye

As I was stumbling through sites on StumbleUpon last night, I came across a really good article entitled 53 Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down found on the BuzzFeed Books website. There were so many books listed there that are now on my TBR list (the one in my head!) However, one book in particular caught my attention. It was this one:

The blurb: 
Reconstructing Amelia tells the story of a mother trying to piece together the last few weeks of her daughter’s life in the wake of her suicide. It gets you thinking about how well you can really ever know someone. The mystery as to whether Amelia did kill herself will keep you gripped until the end (which I personally have mixed feelings about, but that’s another matter).
—Michelle O’Brien

The Goodreads link:
 Reconstructing Amelia

This one is going on my actual TBR, so be on the lookout for a Book Talk in the near future! What book has recently caught your eye? I would love to hear about it!   ~Amy

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